Advertising process:  
•  Grouping object: age, education, occupation, gender, geographic region, ... 
• Grouping your products and services; keyword relevance and effectiveness for the want ads. 
• Provide reasonable budget table by date / monthly as required by the company. 
• geographical Roadblock want ad 
• How relevant ads: image (banner ads), text, video


5 Star reviews                    sharing been ranked highly and bring more customers

Each one evaluation, a comment from a user would be a good tool and efficient authentication for product quality

Much appreciated, many good reviews, rating (dot star) good location put you on top search 
Google search has become a leading tool for the Vietnamese. Place your chance to appear on search results pages if more evaluation, more attention of users in search WEB. 

Our commitment to you 

  • Increased correct assessment of the agreement, the day commitment. 
  • Rated number does not decrease during the latter. 
  • Assessment of the 100% come from many, many gmail, multiple IP, multiple different computers. 
  • Good quality assessment and evaluation is not identical, content rated positive, attractive, self-composing or writing us help you. 
  • Rating high, elevated dots 4-5 stars now. 
  • Refund if not ensure these commitments. 
  • Safe absolute location for Google Bussiness your location. 
  • There are many custom packages and databases. 


Number of Reviews is a measure of the feedback, good and effective authentication of customers for product quality - service units are provided to customers. 
There's a lot more evaluation, and especially many good reviews, the star-location will help put us on the top of Google's search and other search engines.

When looking for the stores, the products or any keywords on Yelp, you will see a lot more review places, many of the 5 star review first appeared on TOP results. These locations appear on your search results because: there is a lot more review and more 5-star rating from users FB.

Evaluate locations on Google Maps is to evaluate objectively, the fact that users leaving your site. Reviews have good, bad, and everyone can see all of the location can not be edited, can not erase the bad reviews. 

Why you need more evaluation, required many good reviews, to high ratings? 

Much appreciation is a measure of customer feedback for your business. The larger the enterprise, wide operating range, the customer will be more back and forth, trading, working and they can leave a comment on Google Locations 


Diversity of services, incentives every day, every hour ...

3. SOCIAL NETWORK ADVERTISING: cost savings investment sources

The interaction between businesses and customers convenient place, is a great opportunity for the business units to minimize costs, increase sales and attract customers to your company. 


  • How to charge: Pay-per-view video for Youtube only when customers see the video from the 30s or higher. 
  • Advertising on the site Search Youtube Page: On the search page, at the position of display rather [Ad], the first search page. When the viewer to type keywords, the results will show the video you want to appear to viewers.
  • Watch Youtube page ad on Page: In your video watch page, right video to watch, and in the first place, there is displayed [Ad]. 

Where users can upload videos and watch other people's videos, besides that it also has the huge amount of visitors

  • 5-star rating is a SEO PAGE ON TOP FACTOR's top search results of Yelp.Places, shops and more votes, many good reviews, the more likely it up in the search results TOP customer 
  • 5 star rating makes the venue, sending your store looks more credibility in the eyes of customers. There are as many good reviews to make sure products and services are now also guaranteed, more quality. This is a strong authentication tool

Our commitment to customers:

The first - Prestige: 
With many years in the field of providing services facebook units concurrently corporate entity transactions and address clearly, Tues to Fri so customers complete peace of mind when using the service in our company I 

The second - Quality:
+ We are committed to providing increased by 5-star rating on the fanpage entirely true evaluators of 100%. 
+ Age participating rated highest proportion is from 18 - 50 years. 
+ 100% account reviews are operating normally. 
+ 100% rating from the user account Vietnam. 

The third - Cheapest price on the market 
Being a leader in services increased 5-star rating fanpage on the market today, we ensure to provide cheap rates and offers to have the most customers

The fourth - The fastest completion time 
We always ensure always completed on schedule even ahead of schedule commitments with our customers. 

The fifth - Increase customer's needs 
Depending on the purpose, needs and budgets of our customers will provide the number of turns increases rated 5 stars out fanpage best suited to the customer.

The sixth - Safest 
Reviews service by providing our fanpage always say "no" to these accounts spam - virtual facebook account, so ensure absolute safety for the customer's fanpage. 

The seventh - Warranty Service - Best Security 

We will refund 100% of all risks if customers use the service as rated star fanpage increase in units. At the same time we are committed to all the information and customer orders will not be revealed to anyone.



Reviews are reviews of a PERSONAL criticism about a particular issue, because it is "personal opinions" so each person has an individual feel, some good reviews and also not good evaluator , have underestimated and misjudged, and it still exists



The shop has appreciated to be in the limelight and from there will be much more targeted customers to your shop more. 

1. Benefits of using the service increased 5-star rating on Yelp 
2. When more votes your site 5-star will have an advantage over search engines on Yelp 
3. Push the bad rating (1 star, 2 stars) for your page views average rating of 4.5 stars or higher 
4. Create trust, confidence for the products and services your customers 


  • Advertising Youtube video in the stream of videos you're watching. 
  • Yes the "Skip Ads" help viewers skip ads in the following video 5s. 
  • Spontaneous video before, during or after video playback video playback. 
  • How to charge: you only pay when a customer views your videos from the 30s or older] As budget / number of turns of view of the viewer. 

Advertising is a form of Web Page To: - Ad positions may be located between the new feed or the right of the screen 
- Content Advertising Facebook Page To Web include: 
+ 1 The description of the products - services 
+ 1 The picture represents the products - services 
+ 1 website headline 
+ 1 line description of website 
- In the ads, then click Invisible Page Post will display details of the picture, while the advertising Page To Web invisible when customers click will lead customers to your website 
Cost : 
Advertising Rates vary depending on the fanpage, field and time

- Advertising Page Post Ads: Ads for an article (post / note / album) on the Fanpage. 
- Link to the home page or the content corresponding Fanpage Fanpage on. 
- Show in News Feed (middle) and the right of the Facebook page. 
- Indirect rose Like + rating good for Fanpage. 
- The ad includes a description of products - services; more images of products and services. 
- When customers click in any image will open the image details 
Cost: Prices vary according to advertising fanpage, field and time

- Increase the confidence of new users to the fanpage: When you do Fanpage, your page is much appreciated 4 stars, 5 stars that will help the confidence of new users increased significantly 
- Increase the attention as well as potential customers for your units (up vote fanpage): When customers need to buy a certain item on your facebook fanpage, customers often will read through the reviews prices, reviews and comments of users on your fanpage before deciding to buy. The page has more 5-star rating will be much more attention from the units that help you be much more targeted customers to your shop more.

Much appreciation is a measure of customer feedback for your business

Why do we need to use the service by 5-star rating on the fanpage?

Anyone doing business through fanpage trafficking surely knows that: each evaluation, a comment from a user would be a good tool and efficient authentication for product quality - service which units you provide to customers.



Yelp review services commitments: 

Credits: leading factors that we can be and have been hundreds of individuals, businesses trust, praise. Customer support review of the store posted a good review for the shop. 

Service quality assurance, reasonable prices, quality services quickly, cheaply and effectively permanent 

services say NO to the virtual Yelp account, the account "spam" 

increased 5-star rating in the short term, to ensure sufficient quantity and duration of the agreement. 
Increased use of services on Yelp reviews, rated 5 stars by us is a correct choice for the enterprise, stores want to promote their brands online community on Yelp 



5. Open up opportunities connected with its website

Like or Follow per customer on Facebook, you should be able to reach existing customers, clients recently, new customers, and can interact with all, helping you identify and target customers correctly, opens simultaneously with an opportunity to reach new customers. Want to use social networking as a method of branding, advertising products and services, the enterprise also needs a professional website (insert your website link). 
Website is one of the indispensable and crucial role for online marketing strategy of the business unit doanh.Tim out more about the benefits of cheap website design you please 
click here!

Like It Or should Rising Like Fantasy? - First let's talk how are like virtual and real What is like. 
+ Like it was like right of customers, who have used the product needs - your services like 
+ Like virtual is like the people who are not your customers like they are passive, they like that they did not know what they're like (Facebook Account hacked without knowing it, click in the link reading tabloids on facebook is like inserting code increases, like app) 
Cost: Prices vary according to advertising fanpage, field and time

1. Introduction to Social Networking 

Social Network (Social Network) service is the link between the members on the Internet through a community site, with many different purposes, irrespective of space and time. Social networks allow users to create profiles and develop, introduce and share product information, services and useful information relevant to the community.

So social network advertising is active connections between the members of the network and the user community can publish articles, photos, advertising products and services to access the Internet extensively. As a result, many companies in the market have adopted social network advertising in business and bring high economic efficiency. These include a number of social networking sites are very popular and many people visit Facebook,, Shopping +, YouTube, Yelp.

- Increase the top of search results of the customer (or is increased ratings fanpage): When searching for any product, shop or keywords on Facebook, you typically see Page appears over top search results page often plays like many, many 5-star reviews from users. By increasing fanpage 5-star rating is a factor the makes seo fanpage on top of search results and great customer most effectively. 

- Increase 5-star rating on the fanpage assist units more prestige in the eyes of customers: For customers Page more votes, many good reviews to make sure the product - service unit also quality assurance and more.

There are as many good reviews to make sure products and services are now also guaranteed, more quality

4. SOCIAL NETWORK ADVERTISING: dizziness propagation speed, the ability to reach customers very effectively. ả.

Along with the strong development of information technology, social networking become routine human use. A concrete example is the Facebook has attracted thousands, billions of hits every day and become one of the best business practices of many businesses and individuals in the market. For businesses, social network advertising is a tool implemented effective online marketing strategy and can replace traditional advertising methods. Social ads to help businesses expand business market, operators and potential customers search, building large target customers.

- Not bad review disentangling 
Conditions: Customer available location on google -> I want to email the assessment review + location 

According to the survey results, and reality from facebook users: When they are required to buy a certain item on facebook, to believe that the product - service providers ensure credibility - quality as what they've seen through images, content posting units - advertising, the first two criteria that users consider before deciding to purchase it is: 
- First: They will read through the comments and reviews of previous users have purchased and used the product - this facebook fanpage services. 
- Second: The amount that people like fanpage. 

IN US: (714) 280 4605 - (305) 403 9306
VIETNAM: (08) 6255 3343

  • Show as Flash, images, text, video. We will consult you any form of advertising that suits you, optimal budget and reach more customers more efficiently.
  • Visible to help customers search related to your ad or customers visited the website.
  • Reach customers on Youtube: large and extremely effective when reaching the right audience by campaign zonation, expressing the message of enterprise customers and attract more clearly.
  • Display location: right next to your video player (displaying all forms of advertising) and in-stream video play is viewed at the bottom (or flash text, images).
  • With Google Display Ad Networks, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.



Google Reviews/Facebook Reviews /Yelp Reviews !


Today, the advent and widespread development of social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, ... can help the business units have more opportunities to promote corporate image, advertising products, numerous services to online customers extensively and effectively. Advertising therefore has the role of social networks is important for online marketing activities, PR, online sales as well as answer any questions the customer is made as quickly as possible.

Like Page is a form of advertising in order to increase the prestige of a Fanpage. When a client on a fanpage that counts like too few customers will not stay this page prestige. 

When to Ad Page Like? 

- When your new fanpage up, not much like. You need to increase some like to increase the credibility for fanpage 
- When you need to add Fan page. When a customer like your Fanpage and they regularly interact with when you face a Fanpage new post up on his Facebook Fanpage will give your all new feed appears on the customer's site that you do not have to pay advertisement

2. Benefits of social advertising 

Social Advertising Marketing Tools many business units to use and has been very successful in promoting products and services to many customers at home and abroad. 

SOCIAL NETWORK ADVERTISING: Helps businesses quickly transmit information 

Social network advertising is not limited in number and time published, so the information you need constant updates. The change and refresh the content regularly by social networking sites will now generate the attention and attract more customers to follow. Thanks to the Internet system, the information on products and services business unit quickly transmitted to numerous customers worldwide. ​