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Our last night was a telephone with a nail salon owners in Atlanta knows he hosts his nails salon grew up triple. After I finished talking with him said, "Not all are created equal nail shops." (Not salons are the same) While both "crowded shop" and "shop not too crowded" have in common a purpose ... Monetize nail. There salon knows how to bring customers to the store year after year, more and more crowded, and there are also no idea at what store. 

How Do New Nail Salon be so? 
Here are the reasons for the crowded salons: 

Products / services "unique": Most nails salon always has products with similar services. Products / services you need to have unique, new strange attract visitors to the store. 
Customer Service "Premier League": Nails always memorize heart saying "visitors maximum dimension," what customers want, customers like you are way off the level. After all, why? Your nails salon was full of customers better? What you're doing it different than the other nails salon in the region? What you need is to send to guests more of what guests expect that other stores do not. 
Punctuality / punctuality: Never leave a customer made an appointment to wait (unless reluctant). When it comes to the Walk-in guests wait 5 minutes, which means wait 5 minutes, not 5 minutes, then 5 minutes. 
Professional: Shop neat, tidy, orderly. Mechanic in the shop dedicated to working not just make guests just playing with other people. No sitting reading the newspaper, talking on the phone, eat in your desk. 
Take your time: Take time off-peak, or between visitors to promote nails salon. Phone calls, send emails to guests, post to Facebook, or texting for guests. 
Creativity in marketing and product: Keep old are living longer is not so boring to shop for visitors, often innovative new products, new promotion to attract customers. 
Never stop learning: Attend Beauty Show, read newspapers specialized skill improvement, with new products. Learning how to market / promote the shop. 
Investment know: The nails salon patrons are known salons invest money, effort into the shop where you expect them. People often say, "The currency is the currency ahead of Wisdom." You have to invest in new store expansion, and development shops are. Commerce connoisseurs always to spend part of the store said to invest and reinvest in stores. 
Sales and marketing: The most important reason for making nails salon was crowded store marketing thereof, said store promotion. You try to think a beauty salon, there are good products, high service ...... .. general is something also No. 1 out, but there are few people who know what is the benefit? But otherwise you only have 1 good thing, but everyone knows that the store you are sure to be more crowded then.

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Why the hotel lost salons & dumping? What to keep in mind to help grow and be more successful 

As we all know, when the economy is in a recession, will reduce consumption. The salons in particular and many other commercial establishments in general will also be affected, the number of tourists will be less makes many people feel depressed and neglect of his business, the daily trade leads to become more severe damage. 

Empty or crowded salons only partially dependent on the sluggish economy or prosperity, but the bottom line is operated by the knowledge of the management. At any given time, the attraction (build) is adding new customers or losing customers depends on how you serve clients. 

During this time, the economy is still in trouble, nor was the time when we think only a last resort to be able to attract more customers is to lower service prices.Technology of the Vietnamese nail industry overseas has brought fame is the "Discount Nail Salons" (The cheap nail salons). The price of our services do not currently have an ethnic yet dared competitive industry, then why should only focus on reducing cost so many workers brought to mind is "dumping to guest servant" because the price is too cheap, while hard working but do not earn much money, and from there to shed sad for myself and led to angry annoyed when serving customers. 

We have often heard and seen how much customer service in the store that also feel sad for the visitors. A lot of craftsmen and shopkeepers are both cheap service providers often have the notion that: "Money Where's That" should be easy to have the attitude frustrating to customers when the customer requests or concerns about translation inexpensive service. Moreover, the majority of workers are often silent, quietly doing finish work quickly to charge and to gain time to catch the next client version. Although many workers because of a language barrier to communicate issues or concerns may not know what to say, but many workers say very fluent, but still not a word of questioning, chat with visitors, probably because not want wasting time and may lose guest. 

You should note that many customers, especially new customers, entered the shop not only for cheap that would be for convenience or desire to find somewhere else to be welcoming and happy with work. Moreover, the price is too cheap and easy service makes customers have thoughts and fears about the quality of products and equipment used for the service. On the other hand, low-cost services due to competition among employers dumping rather than determined by the customer. 

"Keeping a customer loyal to the store very hard, but then lost ten easy as turning a hand." Just as a customer dissatisfied with the cleaning service approach, the bad can be spread around place very quickly; the top friends, family, acquaintances, or the customers in the shop nearby heard the reproaches of frustrated customers angry, then you can have lost or never had the opportunity to serve customers dirty. 

Now customers are experiencing financial difficulties is when they have the choice carefully about spending issues. Travel manicure and pedicure for the majority of people just desire rather than a necessity. The money saved can visitors shopping for furniture for the family or children, but many sometimes for the fun or have thoughts go manicure, pedicure to be able to lessen the spirit is stress. But if unfortunately that visitor enters one of the Discount Nail Salons, also because he wanted to save some money on the cheap, they made it even more frustrating and stressful because of dissatisfaction with the way they have served their main retail It was more difficult for the industry sector of the Vietnamese nail. 

Welcoming customers quickly is the key issue should be made. But serving for customer satisfaction is the main thing. Not so for fear of losing customers or guests and working sessions took hasty, sloppy. If your shop is located in the small town (shopping center) to only serve local customers and methods welcome continued progress impulsively takes in a short time ensuring customer numbers will salon losing. As you also know that when you do lose credibility with customers is difficult to use measures that can attract them even though you continue to lower the price to make it increasingly complicate matters further for competitive prices . 

Here are a few things are excerpts from the handbook Knowledge Practice Nail: 
"How Management" which we hope you can take to help reduce the problem to avoid price competition: 

Scrutiny of the service price of competing stores nearby and try to do the equivalent, or by price. 
Discounts for services to visitors by what percentage (percentage discount) replaced the official discount how much copper. 
Only special discounts for customers to shop for the first time (first-time visit special only). 
If you believe that the work of cleaning nice and solid operating knowledge, do not worry about the problem of the price a little lower neighboring bars. After customers have fun and happy with your service, they also give you harder to shop for other services just because the price cheaper than a few copper. 
If your salon uses products with high quality, you should explain to the client understands that the service would be worth paying in order to avoid them discounts if customers complain about the price. (We're using high-quality products. It is worthed for your money.) 
If possible, donate your discount card (discount cards) or just reducing rates paid for work as: broken nails, trim, paint, designer, etc ... replace the official discount service . 
Do not write on the sheet of glass or hang advertising (banner) with store specials before too long will easily become the official price. Moreover, neighboring stores will also see lower your prices. (Advertising, promotion price displayed after trying the occasion or time of one or two months, it should be suspended). 
If advertise special prices (special sales) in the press, radio and television should have an expiration date and avoid continuous posted several times with long time. The neighboring shop owners see or hear will easily irritated and lower your prices. 
Subscribe to the ad with promotional prices of nearby shops during opening. If customers compare or question, then you should discount them. 
Treo announcement in store is that you get all the promotional price (coupon) of competing stores nearby. "We'll match all our competitor an ____ mile radius trong's coupons." (Within 3 to 5 miles or how much it is your choice). 
Most of the shop owners want to keep prices high service, but do not like the neighborhood salons do cheaper to fight each other every sale. If possible, you should contact the neighboring shop owners to negotiate on the issue price. The majority of shop owners are welcoming and willing to cooperate. 

To be able to help industry sectors of the Vietnamese nail us increasingly more developed and prosperous, and you can also learn the valuable handbook on Knowledge Practice Nail as: How to Buy, Open, sale shop, the Management, Customer Communication meticulously compiled with practical problems have occurred in the industry that can help you avoid mistakes and be more successful.

Your nails salon owner, you want your nails salon is always crowded. How's this? We will offer advice and services to help you get more customers. Do not hesitate to call us.

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Increase Income for Nail Salons

How to Raise Income in Nail Salons

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The following simple ways to help you find favor with customers, increase customer satisfaction, but not cost much. 

1 - Response Customer: 

2 - Promise what you can do 

3 - Listen to your needs: 

4 - Resolve customer complaints: 

5 - For a little more to get back 
Your Nails should be a little "Extra" to the guests. A coupons, a beauty-oriented newsletter, an email thank you, a friendly smile was doing things a little bit more of your nails salon more prominent, making customers happier. 
Sometimes you do not believe that little action has affected a huge customer psychology. 

6 - Training Themed Like You, like your work for guests ​

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Increasing income for nails salon

The decor inside the salon Nails

To succeed in today's marketplace nails! 

To salons can grow, profitable for you, for your family, and for your workers, salons should have the following: 
1. There are good technical and skilled (nail, cut, perm, dyed, makeup, facial) 
2. Knowledge of products, ingredients in the product, and the benefits of each product, and the service you provide to customers. 
3. Having a good relationship with customers. 
4. policy sales promotion and convincing way. 
We know most of the shop owners who are experienced in the industry, very good workmanship.