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​Interior Spa 
A distinctive feature of the spa's interior products unique features and equipment suitable for the modern day spa as "day spa, resort spa, homespa .." Is the interior of the spa we always show the aesthetic in every detail for any design style spa or any public spa. 
Whether you are preparing to open a spa or spa growing or are looking to renovate your spa, we always hope will be a companion on the way to the interior design of your spa.We always make the most of the advantages of specialization and are always updated with the trend of the latest spa interior world to serve its end customers. 

​           Vietnamese American ABS Company always works based on the passion and commitment of excellent quality to customers. 

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Seats Spa in 2015 with airjet Technology 
Contego Spa Company has launched a chair Spa with new techniques will help salons make money, have more similar hotel spa chairs were first put into salons in the 90s. 
Contego seat technicians have invented "airjet Technology" was certified global demand, using steam pipes to move water instead of using the techniques Flo Jet or Jet Mag are on the market. With unique inventions "airjet Technology" and Liners you no longer have to disinfect the current Jet because each one will use Jet and new liners. Prices for liner and airjet once used for only 50 cents. Seats in the shop you can still good should not need rather than competitive BUT at present only in professional nail salons have pioneered new market created specifically for salons.


Economy: Bargains surprise

First Class: Beautiful and quality

Spa Chairs - Tables Nails how important?

We have many models with different prices, imported from many countries around the world with competitive price. Even the production of cheap goods from Vietnam, We can also provide Nails. 

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Today, as the economy WTO, not an obstacle tax when importing goods. You can buy goods any country, as long as it is quality, cheap, beautiful and durable, we'll help you compare like chairs Spa, Nail table, massage chair